Testimony Of A Long Term Victim For Massie Munroe:

I am writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Massie Munroe for the U.S. Senate 2016.  I have known Ms. Munroe for many years and have worked with her on human rights projects. I know her to be one of the most dedicated workers for the restoration of fundamental rights that have been secretly stolen from US citizens. This is the purpose of her present Senate candidacy.

American citizens are not at all aware of what they have lost. By the time they discover what has happened secretly within their government, it will be too late to recover what has been clandestinely stolen from them. Massie's purpose in seeking to represent you is to expose the truth to the public and to restore to all Americans their basic rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Our Founding Fathers attempted to secure these rights to all future Americans. Successive generations of citizens have fought and died to preserve and protect those rights. We are living with the illusion that the past struggles succeeded, but electronic technology of the present day has made it possible for secret torture and death to be carried out openly under the direction and control of unidentifiable, hidden people in remote locations.  Their responsibility cannot be determined and proven by any standard means of investigation. 

The law has fallen so far behind modern technology that all citizens are now exposed and vulnerable to extreme electronic criminal torture. Users of the new technology have the potential of permanently destroying all the basic rights and liberties that we have been taking for granted all our lives. Yet 99.9% of the people whose lives can be destroyed by this technology have no knowledge or suspicion that such technology exists and that is in the hands of people who want to destroy fundamental human rights and liberties.

I am an attorney who wishes to remain anonymous in warning of this danger. Massie Munroe is a brave and courageous civil environmental engineer who is willing to take risks that no one else is willing to take. Massie is a talented and experienced engineer who understands the hidden electronic dangers of today and who knows what to do legislatively to work toward controlling and diminishing the most serious threat in our country's history. 

Massie is running for the Senate at great personal risk and for no personal benefit but only for the purpose of protecting American citizens from an extreme, rapidly growing danger, which they presently know nothing about and from which there will be no protection or solution by the time the truth becomes fully known. 

Massie Munroe is your only hope for the future. No one else is running for elective office for this purpose. There is no other candidate for elective office who will tell you the truth that Massie is risking her life to tell you.  

If you don't give Massie the chance to do what she is now willing and able to do for your benefit, it's unlikely that you will have such a chance again in the future after you have learned how badly you needed the chance that Massie is trying to give you right now.

Please write to her and give her the support she needs and deserves. It is your life that she is trying to save. It is your liberty that she is trying to protect. It is your right to the pursuit of happiness that she is trying to preserve. 


I am writing this testimonial in reference to Democratic Candidate for United States                                                              Senator in California , Ms. Massie Munroe, 2016.

I have personally known Ms. Munroe for eight [8] years and have dealt with her through her activism.  Her high caliber character is one of an exceptionally hardworking, energetic, peace-loving and a highly qualified individual.  Her dedication to her activism is what I would call rare; a person who is seeking to bring an end to the world’s enslavement of humanity, yet, Ms. Munroe herself is a victim of this unfortunate act of atrocity.  Her dedication to this cause is one of the utmost to her and through her Cosmo-Ethics, Christ Consciousness she displays her faithfulness for truth and justice.  Ms. Munroe has been a victim of this atrocity for fifteen [15] years and has paid severely and unjustifiably through the loss of her professional career, many unfortunate incidences of wrongful acts of justice and yet she prevails through courage and strength and through her faith of Christ Consciousness.  

I have had many comforting phone calls from Ms. Munroe in relation to her activism and I and my family have undergone this same type of atrocity.  Ms. Munroe has encouraged me and my family through supportive and reassuring words and when she decided to put her name on the ballot I reinforced her suggestion that Ms. Munroe do so; this is because if she was elected she could as an U.S. Senator strengthen and amend the United States Constitution and bring the U.S. Constitution into the 21st Century.  Also, as a victim, Ms. Munroe’s experiences are crucial; she would be able to put into writing the necessary “wording” for amendment(s) of this type of legislation. Ms. Munroe’s focus/role is one of empathy; her desire is to bring an end to this atrocity and to restore the necessary/rightful justice for all victims and their families.

I will give you a bit of history or background about myself.  I worked for Bell Canada for 32 years in different roles within Bell Canada such as an Executive Secretary, Administrative and as an Engineering Associate, volunteered as an Auxiliary Police Officer for the Metropolitan Toronto Police for approximately 5 years.  I retired in March 2002 from Bell Canada.

Kindest Regards,
Mary Vivian

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