Position Paper Summaries.

Position Paper Summary #1

Solar Energy: America's Key to Saving Millions and Creating Jobs

Solar energy is free and abundant. The American people can benefit and save millions of dollars from this natural resource. Presently, there is more demand than supply in this industry. Installing solar panels in homes and industries are substantial investments. At present, the installation of solar systems and electricity bills is very expensive. A remedy to these problems is the mass production of solar energy products.

If solar energy products are mass-produced, then the average residential solar system installation will be reduced drastically and will be readily available. This means that electric bills will be eliminated 100 percent. Mass production of solar energy systems will drastically reduce the need to build fossil burners, will help stop polluting power plants, and will contribute to clean air and a healthy environment. This energy is versatile. It could be stored and used on cloudy days, at night, for cooking, heating and or cooling the environment. The use of solar energy is endless.

Furthermore, the mass-production and installment of solar energy systems will reduce the nationwide unemployment rate, particularly in California. It will bring joblessness to an insignificant level. Mass production of solar energy will produce lots of sales and training jobs. People will need to be educated on the use of these systems and sales representatives will be needed to sell solar products substantially. Education institutions will receive more funds to teach and research solar energy. Such progress will encourage improving this industry further to precision and perfection.

Finally, there will be a need for solar energy manufacturers, technicians and electricians. Also, local municipalities will collect permit and inspection fees, for each solar system installation. This will bring considerable revenue to local governments such as cities and counties and will open more employment opportunities for inspectors. It is without a doubt that solar energy is America’s key to saving millions and creating jobs. As a congress woman, I will advocate mass production of solar energy products, including easy and affordable accessibility. Thank you.

Position Paper Summary #2

Restore The U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is shattered. It is impossible for a nation to attain economic prosperity and harmony without constitutional rights. The restoration of the 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution is essential to our economic growth, employment and environmental revival. Have you ever seen in the history of mankind, harmony, stability and growth to have been achieved without an intact Constitution, civil rights and human rights in place?

Bringing a resolution to our economic downturn or and any other current problem in America, without addressing our fundamental problem, which is the violation of our Constitution, is a superficial and temporary solution. The economic improvement answer has to be anchored on a solid base in which the whole Constitution is intact. The U.S. Constitution is a contract between Americans and their Government and when this contract is not enforced, the possibility of maintaining harmony and preservation of human dignity is minimal. It is impossible to have long term prosperity and meaningful relations when the Constitution is treated as if it is null and void. This void effectuates a broken and chaotic nation.

In closing, my congressional priority goal is embedded in restoring and enforcing the treasured and needed U.S. Constitution. This wall of protection against enemies is profound.

Position Paper Summary #3

Nano/Energy Technology

The advancement of Nano/energy technology is state of the art. Nano-technology or energy technology unfortunately is being used to experiment on unwilling, innocent Americans, unlawfully. In fact such experimentation is occurring worldwide. This technology is unregulated, and when it is used it can be fatal. Such victims suffer greatly. This technology is being researched and developed in laboratories globally; the applications for this technology could be used to construct and advance the world but it is being utilized to harm people and its use is in conflict with our ability to sustain ourselves.

Humanity is on the verge of a new revolutionary transformation. This technology is one of the most important potential resolutions to our current failed economy. Not just for the United States, but also for the world. Nano-technology, products, materials and applications will be relevant for years into the future. Today, manufacturers are using Nano-technology to improve existing products by creating smaller components, better performing materials, and using such technologies to lower costs. The numbers of companies that will manufacture Nano-technology products are growing. Nano-technology should be viewed as a progressive technology for providing a solution to our financial crisis. Therefore, we should jump start our failed economy by seriously implementing this technology for beneficial purposes.

The global leaders and influential entities including the United States should share this rapidly growing and extremely progressed technology with all industries and all people; likewise, the American people must be allowed to participate in the regulatory proceedings for the use of this technology. The U.S. Congress could accomplish much to this end. The United Nations should be involved in regulating the applications of Nano-technology to protect the people of the earth, the climate and our ecosystem. Mostly, the United Nations must prevent the exploitation of this technology: such as energy weapons, used against people, which could be far more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

Presently the development and application of this technology with satellites, including High Active Aurora Frequency (HAARP), is used as an energy weapon, contaminating our atmosphere, our waters, and damaging people biologically; and degrading our ecosystem. Nano-technology, being unregulated, it has no guidelines. It receives massive tax dollars for research and development. Entities and persons in charge of such programs have extended their power through manipulating many aspects of our social, administrative and judicial system and are able to include more American people into a pool of experimentation; inducing and advancing radiation sicknesses, forcing people out of jobs, and into government dependency. Nano-technology is being used for the opposite purpose of the good that it could provide.

Please observe the films presented on this website. See the Presidential Commission for Study of Bioethics issues, and hear the testimonies of a few victims whom experienced this torture first hand.

How will our nation flourish under such conditions? What healthcare plan addresses such degradation and its effects? The improper use of such technologies is detrimental to the tax base. Do American citizens have to support this expense and pay to keep it concealed from the public?

Join me in regulating this technology! The improper and lethal use of Nano-technology, Energy weapons must be stopped and its beneficial uses regulated in order to be sure such technology is used for the benefit of the human race. By bringing it to the U.S. Congress and having the people of America informed, we can ensure the correct regulations are applied. This is vital to our sustainability and our national security.

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