Massie Munroe's Political Vision 


My candidacy represents restoring, strengthening and updating the United States Constitution. Today, more than at any other time since our United States Constitution was ratified, it is imperative that we revise the Patriot Act and its’ successor legislation to be in alignment with the intent of the United States Constitution and Bill Of Rights that is contained therein. With our ever present and exponentially soaring, innovative technological advancements, our constitution's intent has become jeopardized and undermined in as much as our Constitution has not kept pace with the realities of our new 21ST Century Energy Technology Era. Threatened is the very foundation of humanity’s sustainability, and therefore, there is a pleading need for our Constitution to serve constitutional justice for the purposes of peace, equality, dignity, health, harmony, respect, prosperity, love, and most importantly, the evolution of our souls and our spiritual consciousness in celebration of the ALL, in oneness. This is inevitable as we have become one global family. Our foundation must be based on a fully intact, modernized  and  functional United States Constitution served by our Congress in the spirit of truth and justice for WE THE PEOPLE  by government that truly is ... Of the People, By the People and For the People. Once that cornerstone of our democracy has been laid and firmly cemented in place in the consciousness of our elected officials, then, I propose that, under the leadership of the United States with all of our  diplomatic efforts, that the fundamentals of our Constitution be elevated to the United Nations (UN) to serve as a beacon of light for ALL nations and ALL people.

Together, first and foremost, we must save America’s priceless and sacred constitutional legacy for ourselves, the American people, and then for our World.

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country ... corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its' reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

~ President Abraham Lincoln 

The article entitled "America the Beautiful: A Fire Sale for Foreign Corporations" points out that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement seeks to replace the Constitutional rights of the American people with forms of governance, regulation and judicial proceedings foreign to and in contravention of our constitutional guarantees that were deliberated and crafted for us by America’s Founding Fathers on our behalf. America must exercise a vital leadership role in the governance and regulation of  corporations that seek to deprive us of constitutional representation and judicial redress. Already, international free trade agreements organized by multinational banking interests, and to which America is signatory, have put America and the American people at a world trade domestic economic disadvantage. This multinational corporate rule must end! I, as your candidate for United States Senator, stand resolutely for the restoration, strengthening and updating of our United States Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Once the sovereignty of our Constitution is secure in America, we must then elevate it to the United Nations and to the world ensuring that all corporations and all legal entities are in full compliance with and subject to a Global Constitution of the United States of America in constitutional service to the people of America and to the people of our world. The Constitution of the United States is the only contract that we, the American people have for the protection of our rights against abuse of power.  Our constitutional contract must prevail for all people of all nations. Presently, the United Nations is unduly influenced by international corporate and banking interests. The United Nations too often bypasses the voices of the people by ignoring or infringing upon the rights and interests of the people as Americans understand them through our Constitution. Once the Constitution of the United States of America becomes a global contract between all people and their governing bodies as I intend, the rights of all people on our planet will be protected against any rapidly growing corporate power or any governing body that seeks to hinder divine intervention for and in our world. Upholding the Constitution of the United States in the United Nations will foster economic justice that will promote peace, end out of control emigration and protect the juridical rights and interests of the American people and the people of our world everywhere against usurpation of power and coercive control.  We, the American people, must be vigilant, unyielding and uncompromising in restoring, strengthening and updating our beloved Constitution for America and all of our world's peoples. 

US And World Economics

While Britain was beginning to shape the “Industrial Revolution” during the latter part of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, the United States in the 18th century was engaged in fighting for its independence as a nation. Today the United States is at the threshold of a phenomenal transformation. There is no solution for the economy of the United States and our world through raising or lowering taxes or the application of any other economic technique. We have no practical or effective remedy for our  present economic condition, and there will be none as the "Industrial Technology Age"  has all but ended while human collective consciousness and knowledge has vastly increased. Our world must now transform to accommodate the new “Energy Technology Era" that is well underway. This timely "Energy Technology Era" transformation will stimulate  United States and international job markets in our world  throughout this century and far beyond. 

"More powerful than the might of all the armies on earth is an Idea whose time has come."
                                                                                           ~ Victor Hugo 

During the "Industrial Technology Age" we were not mindful. We engaged in many wars that wasted much of our world's resources and labors. We did not take heed of the inevitable consequences of our technology on our environment. Casting about our world for decades with eyes blind  to the condition of our world's  environments, our world's peoples are now experiencing some of the serious effects of climate change while beginning to understand how the systemic societal way in which we have lived has negatively impacted our social and spiritual development as a people, and this as we are waking up to the realization that our world's environments are in a  dire state of emergency bordering on catastrophic collapse. Our world's peoples have been subjected to corrupt and excessively controlling  political,  judicial and financial systems. We must learn from our past mistakes. We must recognize that we must make this transition into the new "Energy Technology Era"  that is already fully at our door. Our trek into the new "Energy Technology Era" that we have already begun is fraught with peril greater than the threat posed by the unleashing of hydrogen bombs. Vibratory electromagnetic frequencies is the literal heart of all creation irregardless of physical form. Electromagnetic energy weapons have not only the power to affect consciousness, they are able to disrupt or destroy the most fundamental vibratory energy patterns of all creation on which all life on our Earth depends for existence. In the name of freedom and environmental justice, electromagnetic energy weapons must never be used in war. To accomplish that will require a ban of all such weapons by international treaty.  My candidacy represents a ban of all military electromagnetic weapons and deployment platforms and the mlitary's use thereof by means of international treaty. We must strive for peace as devoted ambassadors to all nations. We must very seriously think through the adverse consequences of these new energy technologies from the beginning and design a better social system that will serve all of humanity in the most positive ways.

The Impossible

Humanity’s choice historically has been the ever ongoing engagement in “War And Slavery” with banking interests funneling taxpayers' dollars into the funding of all sides of these wars making it impossible for America and the rest of our world to move forward in peaceful coexistence with all nations. Our government has spent well over 6 trillion dollars, one billion dollars per week for military purposes  for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone not to mention the ultimate sacrifice of our loved ones and of our returned Patriots in need of physical, psychological and spiritual rehabilitation upon their return home.

"When I am solving a problem, I do not think of beauty. If the solution is not beautiful, then, I know it is wrong."

                                                                                ~ Bu
ckminster Fuller 

The Possible

We, as Patriotic Americans, must take the road less traveled by and become the new world leaders and visionaries for truth, peace and justice. I dedicate myself to serve humanity through world peace and love. As your candidate, I propose an immediate 10% reduction in our military and intelligence services budgets. As we begin making progress toward creating a more peaceful world at all levels, I propose to shift the savings gained from further reductions in the military and intelligences services budgets to the amelioration of the  suffering of war refugees, their seemingly never-ending poverty and homelessness and their ever-increasing hunger resulting from wars and the environmental degradation of our critically imperiled planetary home. 

As a Civil Environmental Engineer, I am capable of developing residential housing projects. From 2009 through 2013, homelessness studies conducted in Los Angeles County by the Downtown Women's Action Coalition found that more than 27% of the homeless people in Los Angeles County were homeless women. Of the homeless women surveyed, 14.5% of homeless women reported that they have experienced sexual assault within the year between 2012 and 2013. Homeless women represent 25% of the national average of all people living homeless in America. Outreach Programs are underfunded. Even fully funded they would be inadequate. They are stopgap measures at best. Disturbingly, most people do not hear, or do not want to hear about this real human tragedy that is happening in America. My candidacy represents solving the shameful problem of homelessness in America that begins with the creation of a new American citizens' owned central banking system  dedicated to serving our interests as, ultimately, our nation was founded on the principle of representing us, WE THE PEOPLE. 

How far away we have strayed from that fundamental principle of representation and governmental service on behalf of WE THE American PEOPLE.  Rather our governmental representatives are legally bought by political donations, then lobbied by multinational corporate and banking interests to serve themselves at the expense of the American people at all levels to the extent that even the millionaire class in America is in decline. The Boston Consulting Group reported that the United States lost 129,000 millionaires while non-US countries added 175,000 Millionaires, mostly in the Pacific Rim. My candidacy represents getting money out of politics and making clear in our law that money is not speech and corporations are not people.

America is losing her status as the "land of opportunity" to unprecedented greed for our world's resources and monetary wealth as well as for powers that have heretofore been reserved exclusively to sovereign governments . Trade agreements and America's rigged tax code have opened the floodgates to the offshoring of money and jobs that serve the billionaire and trillionaire class of elite persons seeking to control and dominate our entire world and our world's peoples. 

The Harvard Business School's "Social Progress Index" reports that America is underperforming in 16th place overall among our world's nations, but 70th in health, 69th in ecosystem sustainability, 39th in basic education, 34th in access to water and sanitation, 31st in personal safety and 23rd in access to the internet. To quote Michael Green, Executive Director of the "Social Progress imperative" which oversees the SPI, "It's astonishing that for a country that has Silicon Valley, lack of access to information is a red flag".  

America ranks first in the number of incarcerated citizens per capita and in adult on-set diabetes.

The top ten nations in the rankings in order are New Zealand, Switzerland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Denmark and Australia.

America ranks 17th trailing Mexico in happiness.

This lack of shared prosperity and opportunity has retarded America's social and spiritual progress.

How is America to lead our world into the new Energy Technology Era of the 21ST Century with this record among nations?  

If you have not seen it yet, I highy recommend seeing Michael Moore's latest movie, "Where to Invade Next". Other nations have taken America's constitutional legacy much more seriously then we have ourselves and have applied America's constitutional principles in some of the most insipiring ways. "Where to Invade Next" is an enlightening and entertaining look at how our world has taken some of America's greatest principled ideas and made them work.

"We Must Cure Ourselves From Slavery"

                                        ~ Beloved Abraham Lincoln


Social Engineering Human Slavery: The Ultimate Dehumanization

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

                                                                                 ~ J. Edgar Hoover, Director, FBI 

Human society is undergoing a metamorphosis of epic proportions by being contaminated and made seriously ill by a new form of slavery, namely, “Mind Control” driven by satellites and GWEN Towers among other platforms. The technical terms for these mind control technologies are Remote Neural Monitoring, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) technologies, weather modification technologies such as HAARP that is able to be used as a mind control weapon and Voice To Skull (V2K). They operate by tuning into  human brain wave frequencies to adversely affect physical health and selective neurological sensory systems and to influence or modify human behavior. It is non-consensual and imposed in violation of  Americans' constitutional rights. The Electromagnetic (EM) Warfare capabilities of these weapons include the burning of pinpoint radiated brain and skin cells resulting in the invisible torture of victims for experimentation 24/7, biological systems stimulation and manipulation through electromagnetic access to the human brain and nervous system, targeted and controlled electromagnetic physical body radiation causing visible physical burns, holes deeply penetrated into the skin, deformations of the human body, etc. Victims are used for statistical purposes to measure the results and effectiveness of targeted EM radiation on human beings and their behavior for overall social engineering. Some of the minutia of EM Mind Control capabilities include the use of controlled electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of targeted victims able to combine pollutant molecules in the air surrounding the victim into unseen toxic substances capable of causing the illness, or death of the victim; Voice to Skull (V2K) Beta state audible voice NOT heard by anyone else except the victim who may hear threatening and/or personally degrading comments such as, "The only way out is suicide" followed, by, perhaps, a racial epithet or extreme ponographic language for example; dream intrusion whereby the sleep state dream of a victim is altered as well as sleep deprivation. Victims experience commensurate and coordinated COINTELPRO operations in which COINTELPRO operatives engage in workplace mobbing emotional abuse; internet character assassination; telephone calls or V2K communications to victims telling them that their only way out is suicide and/or communicating to victims in sexually degrading language that the victim will be fired, that the victim's only financial alternative is prostitution and that the operative communicator will be their pimp; hacking of computers in which the writing of a victim is altered or that includes a message inserted into the writing of the victim by the perpetrator or that results in the complete inoperability of the computer of a victim; home intrusions in which permanently placed furniture is moved, a wall is damaged, a stapler that was on a desk is broken and left on the floor. A non-smoking victim may find cigarette butts inside their car that the victim had locked and had to unlock to gain access. Dead animals may be left inside the victim's home or just outside the entry door to the home of the victim. Victims may find money and/or medications stolen or, as one victim experienced, pins sprinkled into the bedding of the victim. These are continually occurring acts perpetrated continuously against victims leading to victims experiencing fear, paranoia, depression, social isolation and more, normal under the circumstances, but that are diagnosed as being the result of the delusional state, paranoia and/or the depression of the victim, etc. all while these programs continue to expand and strengthen without attempts at investigation, but that are the true cause of the events and the intended and calculated results of the programs complained of by the victims.

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived and dishonest - but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic."

                                                                          ~ John F. Kennedy

Social isolation of victims of Mind Control and COINTELPRO occurs when victims speak of the things that are happening to them to family members, friends, coworkers, police officers, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. who in most cases do not believe them. A person experiencing life as being completely normal standing next to a victim experiencing  V2K communications for example, when told by the victim of the voice they are hearing, in disbelief and unable to do anything about it anyway even if the victim was believed, wants to escape and eventually to not associate with the victim. Victims often say that attempts by them to file a police report on these kinds of violations has lead to victims being classified as suffering from mental illness that acts as a deterrent to the reporting of these crimes to police by victims and thus opening the door for the perpetrators to be able to increase their stranglehold on victims with impunity. Victims are human trafficked from one defense contractor's Mind Control program to another. The designers and operators of these programs know all this. It is their use of social engineering, that is, their use of the norms of society, that serves as their socially engineered social, political and legal cover. For a time, victims of COINTELPRO operations may actually believe they are, in fact, losing their minds. These kinds of operations are called "gaslighting" taken from the theme of the 1944 movie, "Gaslight" starring Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotten and repeated in the 1949 movie, "Under Capricorn" directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Victims become unemployable resulting from internet character assassination, being diagnosed as mentally ill after describing what is happening to them, and/or becoming so physically debilitated that they are unable to work.  When those things happen, victims become a tax payer financial liability inasmuch as they often end up on SSI disability. Adding up some of the social and economic costs, there are the contributions to society that innocent citizen victims of Mind Control programs could have made in society had they been left alone to live their lives that are lost, there are the costs of developing, deploying,  maintaining and expanding these Mind Control programs and COINTELPRO operations and the personnel to carry them out, and there is the enormous cost loss to society of individual freedom and democracy. This is the Ultimate Human Destruction that is “Dehumanization” by any measure, and this is what I have come to know as  “Post Modern Slavery”, the apt term I have coined to summarize the totality of the effects of all these combined Mind Control systems and programs on all people who are non-consensually subjected to them. Mind control is slavery and, as such, must be specifically written into and included as a violation of the California Constitution, the United States Constitution and the United Nations’ Declaration For Human Rights. In the case of the United States constitution, the provisions already available to us in the 13TH Amendment permits the expansion of the definition of slavery without the requirement for a new amendment.

In horrific pain as a result of electromagnetic radiation targeting while experiencing coinciding COINTELPRO operations, many victims may not be aware that they have been high-jacked into a new invisible form of  “Human Trafficking and Slavery”. Electromagnetic radiation  exposure causes many health related problems beginning with professional medical practitioner misdiagnoses and commensurate inappropriate physical and mental health treatment protocols.  I know victims who are dealing with irreversible physical disabilities and premature aging, or who were brought to suicide resulting from their unbearable physical tortures as a result of mind control targeting;  physical health and suicide victims whose cases have been misreported in medical records as resulting from various forms of mental illness because they were not believed when they complained of being targeted.  American Taxpayers  have been unwittingly hoodwinked into supporting this unseen holocaust because these black budgeted programs are off the books, contracted out to corporations who are defense contractors of the United States government. Yet, the American people pay the taxes that fund, sustain, develop and further expand this nefarious Slavery worldwide.

Technology to detect electromagnetic Mind Control signals being targeted against victims and their origins is able to be developed, the first step to which is open and transparent Congressional hearings on Mind Control and the sworn testimonies of victims in the course of the hearings. 

“Declassification Of This Post Modern Slavery" - Mind Control Weapons

Through my more than fifteen years of research into electromagnetic human cognitive, emotional state, behavior and physical body control (Mind Control) weapons systems inclusive of patents and their intended operational effects on human beings combined with my extensive longitudinal studies of victims and my research into the emotional, psychological, physical and financial effects of COINTELPRO operations on the lives of innocent citizen victims, I came to understand that this vast, coordinated, networked system of operations applied against victims were neither short-term, nor experimental. There are hundreds of thousands of Mind Control victims being controlled concurrently, that is to say astonishingly, at once. The ultimate purpose of this level of mass Mind Control is the operational capability of controlling and, thus, being able to enslave large populations of humanity at one time, if not all of humanity, but to what end, subject to who's will and beliefs? These electromagnetic cognitive and behavior control (Mind Control) weapons systems combined with COINTELPRO operations are human destruction programs, and they are EVIL, Anti-Christ.

I have been a dedicated activist against Mind Control programs since 2007.

2007 through 2009, I wrote and produced a television program in which I presented for my foreign speaking viewers on topics related to the United States Constitution and civil and human rights, the history of America’s political party system, American democratic principles, the American electoral and political election processes, American non-consensual human experimentation related to some aspects of weaponized energy technology applications related to mind control programs being applied worldwide by satellite systems, GWEN Towers and other delivery platforms  against innocent citizen victims that continue to be pressing topics of political concern to me as a long-term victim of it since the year 2000, topics I understood through my professional engineering training. I translated the propositions on the ballot from English to Farsi to make it easier for my mid-east viewers in America and California to make educated, informed electoral and proposition decisions before they voted. As an immigrant to America myself, I knew the challenges my immigrant viewers faced in understanding the English language and complexity of the propositions that were on the ballot. I discussed US politics from a general, educational and informational perspective. My viewers were truly delighted. My program was among the top most viewed at the network.

My television programs were progressive and educational. I hosted guests knowledgeable in topics I discussed in my programs that included constitutional and political perspectives by practicing attorneys and views expressed by animal rights advocates. It was important for me to raise public awareness about the misuse of advanced technologies not discussed in the mainstream media. The television station that aired my programs received many rave comments from viewers requesting more programs that I was not able to produce on my own because of the time commitments to the station that would be involved. My viewers were mostly Mid Eastern living in America, Australia, Europe, Canada, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and around the globe that my programs were broadcast.

I submitted extensive documentation about Mind Control and COINTELPRO operations being perpetrated against many California victims to our governor’s office under both Democratic and Republican administrations with no result. I have written to, made personal telephone calls to and had personal meetings with local City police officials and City attorneys working for the City where my victimization began as a result of a falsely alleged criminal act made against me by certain City officials to keep me from accessing public City documents that would have stood as proof of their own corruption. I brought a witness with me for two primary face-to-face interviews I held with  employees of the City, one a City police officer and the other a City administrator who have knowledge of the falsely alleged accusation that was made against me and about which I was investigated and cleared, in part, by the police officer who I interviewed with my witness present.     

 About 2001, serving as a representative of my local Glendale Democratic Club in the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP), beginning in 2008, I created a number of Federal Election Commission registered political committees chartered under the LACDP to address electromagnetic energy weapons involved in mind control and weather warfare, constitutional rights and non-consensual human experimentation and animal rights and such animal experimentation, positions that I hoped would be made a part of the Democratic Party’s national political platform, but without result. I sent letters and email and made telephone calls to my United States Senators and United States Representatives, and I have made in-person calls at their local offices with no result. I have visited our state capitol in Sacramento numerous times where I personally lobbied the Office of the Speaker of the Assembly, our state senators and assemblypersons including my own Assemblyman and the Assemblywoman for La Canada whose staff most rudely refused my personal petition to them along with the abundant proof I had brought with me and offered them for their review of those torturous atrocities being committed against me and other California victims for relief with no result.

As my knowledge grew and I learned more about Mind Control programs and how they operate, in 2010, I created and was named the President of a new committee that was chartered under the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP), namely, the Democratic Political and Environmental Committee under which I emphasized the United States Constitution and included COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) operations for the first time in any Democratic Party committee that are coordinated with electromagnetic cognitive and behavior control (Mind Control) weapons systems programs. As President of the committee, I continued my educational outreach with my committee's new focus.  

In 2011, I took classes in United States constitutional and civil rights law. 

For the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues public hearing on Human Experimentation Research Subjects Protection held in 2011 and with my own innocent United States citizen victim testimony among them, by Certified Mail with Return Requested, I provided the Commission over four hundred fifty victim testimonies that had been entrusted to me, the vast majority of which were written by United States citizens describing their torturous lives as subjects of directed non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation mind control energy weapons technologies engineered for behavioral and cognitive control of non–consensual human beings. Included in the testimonies I submitted to the Commission were numerous victim descriptions of coinciding COINTELPRO (Counter Intelegence Program) operations to which they were concurrently being subjected inclusive of gang-stalking, mobbing, warrantless surveillance and covert home and vehicle intrusions without a trace of break in, loss of their jobs and being forced into government dependency among other unconstitutional acts and international human rights violations. Approximately 40 knowledgeable non-victim teachers at a Los Angeles County School District Board meeting I attended signed my petition to the Commission condemning and demanding an end to all those practices. They were seriously concerned about our children’s’ wellbeing especially the vulnerable children of America. My petition with all the teacher signatories to it I included in my victim testimonies mailing to the Commission.

Videos and a transcript of the President’s Bioethics Commission hearing referenced above can be viewed on this website, below. 

In 2012, I ran for the office of Representative for the 28TH District in the United States House of Representatives to initiate congressional hearings and investigations and, ultimately, to dismantle these mind control and COINTELPRO programs that are a violation of the spirit of our United States Constitution.

Following my most unfortunate political loss in my run for congress as a Democratic candidate in the Primary Election, 2012, I was contacted by two local members of the Green Party of the United States serving on the Presidential Nominating Committee for Dr. Jill Stein, M.D. for an interview at their home to explore the possibility of my running for the office of Vice President of the United States with Dr. Stein on the Green Party ticket in the General Election of 2012. Shortly after our interview, they provided me a memorandum informing me that I am disqualified for the office of Vice President of the United States for the reason that I am a naturalized, not natural born citizen United States citizen. Otherwise, in their memorandum, they spoke glowingly of my progressive political agenda that I had presented in my political run for Congress as being in harmony with the Green Party’s national political party platform. A copy of their memorandum to me has been uploaded to this website for your further consideration of my qualifications to serve you and the American people as your United States Senator.I have been a true patriot and an ongoing activist against all forms of “Post Modern Slavery”, “Social Engineering” and the newly emerging “Energy Wars” of the 21ST Century. As a result of my activism, I have personally paid a very high price and so have my loved ones by association.  I have been able to peacefully, and creatively identify this Mind Control as a new form of  "Slavery" therefore I have been able to facilitate and successfully “Declassify” this "Slavery"  for the first time in the past 50 years in America. As your candidate, I humbly Pledge,  With All My Heart, All My Soul And All My Being, to End This unConstitutional Post Modern Slavery Forever in America, and everywhere throughout our Globe.  

Mind Control is out of control:

I along with my loved ones have paid a major price in serving our beloved U.S. Constitution. Through my daily devotion to Christ Consciousness I have been able to peacefully, intelligently and creatively expose this atrocity by bringing it to the light of public awareness for justice and the rule of law to be able to prevail in the end. As a result, I have been able to facilitate and successfully “Declassify” this ultimate colossal Human Dehumanization and "Slavery" for the first time in the past 50 years in America, that is, since the begining of Mind Control experimentation on innocent, non-consensual citizen victims that began with the CIA's MK ULTRA experimental Mind Control programs for which our United States Congress cut off Federal funds following Senator Frank Church's Church Committee hearings. This colossal endless torment and violence beyond imagination and belief, beyond human experience, beyond the most horrible of contrived fiction stories one could write being carried out against innocent Americans in the most free, advanced constitutional country in the world in the 21st Century and that is now global with victims reporting the same forms of their vicitimization from the United Kingdom and Canada and beyond that are reported by victims in the United States. It was a truly heart breaking and most shocking experience for me when I learned that local police departments (in compartmentalized operations) have been  instrumental through their direct participation in the high jacking and human trafficking of victims into this "mind control slavery" and the "COINTELPRO" operations that go hand-in-hand with it in serving these unconstitutional acts against innocent citizens right in the hearts of our communities that, whithout local police participation, would have been impossible for these extensive, boots on the ground operations to continue and for them to have been kept hidden. This horror, this living hell is being perpetrated against innocent United States citizen victims. It is continuing to this very day here in the most advanced country in human history. It has been expanded. It is consuming victims in other countries in the same ways that victims lives have been and are continuing to be destroyed by Mind Control and COINTELPRO opeations here in our, We the people's United States of America.  My candidacy represents taking back our country and reasserting America's constitutional democratic sovereignty.

The good news is that I only have one more step to take to end these atrocities. That is to be your Senate voice and the voice for all those silently suffering innocent citizen victim's voices who cannot speak for themelves because they are not believed by serving you and them as your Senator subject to the dedication of your vote for me for United States Senator for California. In Congress, I will go much further than I have been able to go on my own to investigate these monsterous atrocities in open Congressional hearings. I will introduce and lobby for a legislative bill that adds Mind Control slavery to the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution that outlaw's human slavery, and further, to outlaw all forms of human tarfficking as well. Then I will take Mind Control and related COINTELPRO operations to the United Nations to end it all globally. As a 15 year innocent American citizen victim of such atrocities myself and having the academic and professional background and expertise as an Engineer to understand this  electromagnetic Mind Control technology and having been in contact with hundreds of victims of this slavery in the U.S. and around the World, and as a  witness to severe disabilities, many deaths and many forced suicides and several plotted murders resulting from these programs, therefore, I humbly Pledge to you, With All My Heart, All My Soul And All My Being, To End This New Form Of Un-Constitutional, No Due Process, Post Modern Slavery Forever in America and to Bannish it from the Globe.

I would like to take the opportunity to pay my respect to victims who have lost their lives in the most cruel, torturous, silent condition and the victims who still are suffering. I would like to express my appreciation to the few victim activists who are presently trying to bring a resolution to this serious problem under the most difficult condition.  Furthermore I would like to thank for the knowledge I have gained from a highly educated victim and an activist regarding COINTELPRO operation and MKULTRA program which have been utilized to maximize the destructive effects of "mind control slavery" and the "social engineering" agenda against human soul,  and the human survival. 

Today, unlike when I started my activism, there are many well researched books and documentary videos available that, taken as a whole, cover and support all of the subject information about which I have already spoken related to Mind Control programs. That is not so say that we now know everything about them. We want to know everywhere where this Mind Control technology is deployed and everywhere where it is operational, what exactly the deployed equipment looks like and precisely how it works, who specifically is operating the equipment, everyone who is being targeted, how the operators of Mind Control technology are able to individualize victim targeting and manage the individuals being targeted, who is at the top administrating over these mind control programs and their ultimate objectives and know to what end, all the ways that these programs are being funded, etc.  

Dr. Nick Begich is a long time researcher in science and technology who comes from a political background. Dr. Begich's  father was a U.S. Representative and his brother is a former U.S. Senator. Dr. Begich has a number of informative publications based on his research, and I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Begich on several occasions regarding Mind Control victims and Energy Weapons. Dr. Nick Begich’s website is: .  

Former Governor Jesse Ventura: Mr. Jesse Ventura has conducted extensive research in Mind Control Technology and the victims of it. One of such videos is called “Brain Invaders”.


Wikipedia: Jesse Ventura:

Former U.S. Representative Mr. Dennis Kucinich, who I had the privilege to meet, introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would ban satellite deployed electromagnetic weapons in space. While there have been similar legislative initiatives, Rep. Kucinich's bill is distinguished by its unusually expansive definition of "weapons."

Among the weapons that it would have been made illegal under Mr. Kucinich's legislative bill, are "Psychotronic" devices that are "directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose or purposes of mood management, or mind control." No explanation for this peculiar proposal was immediately available. But the text of "The Space Preservation Act of 2001" (H.R. 2977), introduced on October 2, may be found here:


The Kucinich bill was hailed by Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, one of a number of organizations of people who say they are victims of government experimentation involving electromagnetic and other Psychotronic Weapons. See their web site here:


The bill was referred to three House Committees.

State of Michigan:    

The video documentary in three parts by Marshall Thomas: MONARCH, The New Phoenix Program, and Monarch: The New Phoenix Program II, and Monarch: The New Phoenix Program III.


The Invisible Crime, a true story by Michael F. Bell

Unshackled: a Survivor’s Story of Mind Control by Kathleen Sullivan

Remote Brain Targeting by Renee Pittman M.

The Burglary this book is all about COINTELPRO written by Betty Medsger

Nonlethal Weapons by Major David A. Morehouse PhD  Army officer (Ret.)

Mind War by Michael A. Aquino, PhD. Lt. Colonel, Psychological Operations (Ret.) United States Army

The theme of the last two books listed above, namely, "Nonlethal Weapons" and "Mind War" are frightening since, according to these authors, there is no possibility of peace for humanity without human Mind Control. The rate of expansion of this silent holocaust is alarming. The number of Mind Control victims have increased over the past ten years. It is now conceivable that Mind Control will be able to enslave all human beings on Earth shortly. We must act now.

There are more publications in this regard.

The Next War Must Not Be An Energy Weapons War

The next war will not be a “nuclear war”. The next war will be an “Energy Weapons War” unless we act to stop it. Humanity has been destroyed by energy warfare weapons in our past. This advanced Energy Technology has already been developed and is depoyed. As your candidate, I dedicate myself to transforming America’s direction and America’s leadership role in our world away from Energy War applications to those that transform fundamentally the applications of this advanced technology to serve the health and wellbeing of all of humanity and our planetary home.

Reasserting America's National Sovereignty

 Today America has about 300 trillion dollars of short and long term debt exposure resulting from war spending, entitlement commitments and unfunded liabilities in the range of 80 trillion to 100 trillion dollars, and, on top of that, derivatives liability exposure of over 200 trillion dollars. Today we have been forced into and carry too much debt; as Americans we must resolve this and bring about healthy economic transformation for all. Americans are having their dollar devalued and are losing their net worth to the reserve currency (the Federal Reserve Note) against the World’s paper currencies and to other creditors; especially and ironically the communist China having already taken the majority of the share of the free world’s manufacturing, commodity, production and China’s influence and dominance of the free market. China’s currency could increasingly demand and establish superiority, leaving us incapacitated and America drowning in more and more debt and in isolation; it is for this reason that we must transform our economic system and emerge out of our cocoon and introduce a new market of the Technological era. As your candidate I will introduce legislation that will entail 100% of American publicly owned banks such as United States Banks, acting as its central bank it will be in charge of the money creation process. Canada already has such a banking system. To provide flexibility the U.S. Government/People’s Bank can start creating their own money at the 35% competitive rate for usage against the Federal Reserve Note. The new banking system will be reformed and established to be recession proof and the publicly owned dollar will not be devalued. The legislation will authorize the Bank of U.S. Government/People to accept non-transferable, non-convertible, non-redeemable shares in the United States as collateral against which new money can be created. As your candidate I will legislate transparency laws. There will be a certain dollar amount printed without creating and deepening America’s debt; this allows for small income redistribution without aggravating the rich and closing the massive gap between the income of the poor and the well-to-do and paying off our debt. U.S. Congress has to be ruthless in determining the level of compensation to the private owners. Concurrently with the introduction of the New Bank of United States, the Federal Reserve System will have to be expropriated and wound up.

Please view the following film from Mr. Paul Hellyer. based on my research Mr. Paul Hellyer's proposal for our banking  system is logical, practical and seems a good resolution to explore further and implement.

As your candidate I will work hard to create this new market of Energy Technology and investing with our own U.S. Banks and sharing prosperity with other Nations in Peace, Harmony and Balance and becoming the proactive Global leader in the system and the beating heart of ALL nations. America can take hold of this Global leadership and soar even beyond its horizon if it is supremely strong in Truth serving People and with a strong stance on the unity of principles of our beloved Constitution. As your candidate I will smoothly Transform our old Technology into a new Technology, this will create countless opportunities for new jobs throughout the United States of America in the form of new Technology and new manufacturing jobs and completely renew our employment and our markets in the United States thus creating immense market and job opportunities and by investing in the most precious resource, the American people, to bring about jobs and economic relief at home to America through the “Proudly Made In America” label and looking towards a brighter future to see the promotion of a vibrant and healthy economic climate once again for all American families; with that in mind we can have a secure prosperous future and with Senator Bernie Sanders As U.S. President, Nov. 2016 based on his Platform All American families can have equality, fair market, secure and stable prosperous future to look forward in generations and Centuries to come.

 America At The Global Economical Leadership

America must detangle itself and reclaim its national sovereignty from foreign and international banking and corporatists’ interests, the military industrial complex, and intelligence agencies and move away from preparing for war to building a permanent international round-table peace forum. For those purposes, I support a 10% across the board appropriation successive reduction. These reductions should be reassessed each year for four years and, as appropriate, continue to be applied until the 50% reduction in war making expenditures has been achieved. Other nations need to be encouraged to make proportional reductions in their war making expenditures. Even after reducing United States’ war expenditures by half; the United States would still be the number one nation in the world in arms and armaments spending.

As your candidate, I will work to transform our present energy technologies from poluting to clean energy, from fossil fuels to Alternative Clean Energy sources such as Zero-Point Energy  and Cold Fusion.  Commercial activities and jobs lost in the military industrial complex sector of our economy due to cuts in arms manufacure and procurement and in the energy sector as we move away from fossil fuels will more than able to be made up for in the clean energy sector, saturating our job markets with new jobs commensurate with out conversion to and use of these new technologies and the rebuilding of urban infrastructure able to incorporate and utilize these new energy technologies. 

Economic exploitation of developing nations by means of bribery and threats or the outright assassination of world leaders as described in the books, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins and "A Game As Old As Empire" by Steven Hiatt, covert military operations, economic war and regime change and war based on lies and deception and perpetrated on behalf of our world's most wealthy elite for the purpose "stealing" resources, goods and services and obtaining “cheap labor” must end.  America must take the initiative to Transition and Transform to embracing a  new “Fair Trade” Not “Free Trade” economic policy where developing nations are paid fairly, away from the IMF's stranglehold on their economies as shown in the DVD "Life and Debt", a film by Stephanie Black, with objectives established for the sustainability of their countries and with respect paid to their national pride and dignity for the services and products they produce for trade. Every human being “Counts And Is Precious” in our Universe. Free Trade for the beneft of  international corporations and banking interests who have written existing free trade ageements is unfair and has created imbalances and complications throughout our world's entire economic structure so severe that it has lead to wars without end throughout our world. As your Senator, I will promote and practice Cosmo-Ethical principals faithfully and in the most trustworthy ways in service to people in Justice and Truth and with the principles that are embedded in our United States Constitution at the forefront that I will assert must be included in America's global leadership policy. 

Combine Objective And Subjective Education

America must design an educational system with objective and subjective (self development) aspects to develop the necessary skills by segueing with healthy mature people in the process that nourishes our economic climate in relation to ethical standards based on a profound systematic educational system. This is not difficult if we refrain from war and violence or those programs, which purposefully create violence such as this new form of Mind Control Slavery; and drug cartel etc., then we will have lots of time on our hands and lost of positive healthy human resources and without war we will then have an abundance of material resources to design a new life on earth. This is the only workable solution and only it can happen with US leadership and diplomacy through UN peacefully on this  earth.

Our present education lacks ethics and a self-development which we can call subjective or inner aspect of our being; our soul’s foundation consists of a mind (soul) or inner aspect of us then we have material aspect that is our body (matter) or objective or outer aspect of us as it is our present educational system that supports only the material or objective part of our being not the inner our soul’s nourishment and well being and evolution. Our ethics and inner development or our soul’s maturity are as important as the body and material aspect of our self development is the vital component that is completely missing from our present educational system yet our relationships and our soul’s development depends on such education. Currently, we have many diverse religions and at times we are tolerant of other people’s religions but truly we have approached a crossroad in which religion is dividing the world’s nations and not in uniting us as “one”. We cannot transform to this new era with carrying these past mistakes; we must carefully examine and learn from the past 300 years of our ancestors’ experiences and must learn from our mistakes and not to repeat them. We must welcome the new era of Energy Technology and open our hearts and immerse our conduct and education in ethical and universal principals of Christ Consciousness and the Universal Cosmo-Ethics. We must create a brand new world pressing for our evolution inner and outer in peace brotherhood mutual understanding hand in hand with the US diplomacy and leadership we can do it, this is within our reach.

"Air, Water And Universal Ethics Are Fundamental Ingredients For Human Survival On Earth And In The Cosmos."

- Massie Munroe


Our Earthly Environment

Climate Change Warfare: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is able to be used to manipulate the Weather. Such systems have the capability of destabilizing weather patterns inclusive of causing ruthless droughts, severe flooding and extreme hurricane winds that contribute to Climate Change. These manipulated weather events  have devastating impacts on humanity. In addition to weather modification, electrogagnetic systems such as HAARP are capable of affecting mood and modifying human behavior. The operational affects of HAARP, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), Voice To Skull (V2K) and similar Directed Electromagnetic Weapons and Directed Space Energy Weapons are devastating to people targeted by them.  They affect organisms at the molecular biological level. Geo-Engineering, the spraying of ChemTrails in patterns of white that criss-cross grid-like lines in our blue skies each day is having a hugely detrimental impact on our weather, on vegetation, animals and on humanity.

Our oceans, lakes, waters, waters of the U.S. and waters behind our dams are seriously contaminated and ill, made so by chemicalization and polutant disharges among other causes against which New Energy Technology and Nano Technology may be able to be used in our future to clean out and/or neutralized these pollutants and thus promote the overall heath of our planet. These vital waterways are the source of our drinking waters, and they are just as important for the health of our world's sea life and our fisheries' food chain.  Through my Masters’ Degree training, I am a specialist in Water Quality, Water Quantity and Water Law. There is a significant sediment and erosion problem in Los Angeles. As your candidate I will work to faclitate development of advanced technologies capable of resolving these critical problems through application once they have been tested and proven safe and effective.

We must reverse our course. Our rain forests and other environmental systems are being destroyed at a truly alarming rate. We are dangerously close to the unrecoverabe collapse of our our world's ecosystems. We must  engage in a massive reforestation program worldwide, and give back to Mother Earth what we have taken. This is a serious and most important and critical task. Trees provide shade, paper products, wood, shelter, and homes for humanity and wildlife, but, most important of all, trees are the “lungs of the earth” without which all life on Earth WILL perish. I am a Civil Engineer licensed by the Board For Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors And Geologists, State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.  My Bachelor of Science Degree is in Civil Engineering, and my Master of Science Degree is in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. As your candidate, I will apply my specialized knowledge and skills to address our environmental and advanced technology issues about which I am  trained and capable.  I am endlessly motivated to serve our beloved People, the Truth and our US Constitution.


By upholding the United States Constitution,  working for the adoption of our constitutional principles by the United Nations through United States' leadership and diplomacy, we can bring every good aspect of our beloved nation that has attracted immigrants to our shores for the past two hundred years everywhere and to everyone in our world. It is my intention to take America's fundamental constitutional principles embedded in our Constitution along with the United Nations  Declaration of Human Rights to the entire world. Worldwide US/UN constitutional democracy would resolve much of our world's immigration problems once and for all.

Cosmo-Ethics & Our Ecosystems

As your candidate, I will create new legislation to protect Earth's air, earth and water from electromagnetic warfare technologies that treaten our freedom of mind and will and the health of all biological systems on Earth. The military deployment and use of these systems constitutes war against Mother Earth. I deeply care for animals our environment and our Earth. I am anti-vivsection, anti-cuelty to animals, and  I will do my utmost to be a voice for the voiceless and work tirelessly to restore our Earth Home's Eco-Systems. We are all brothers and sisters on our life journey here on our precious planet Earth. We are ONE. We must unite as ONE. Without our precious and vital resources of air, earth, water; animals and all other evolved life as well as we who are Human, will not survive.

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. We are not going to be able to operate our spaceship earth successfully for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common it has to be everybody or nobody.

R. Buckminster Fuller


                                                           Labor Unions

My candidacy represents a holistic, environmental approach to improving the quality of life for American workers and community life. Our society should not have to choose between job protection and environmental protection. United States governmental planning and new federal legislation for a “just transition” for America’s displaced workers must be undertaken as our world moves ever more deeply into the new “Energy Technology Era” economy that is beginning to be realized stemming from the new “Energy Technology Era” that is already before us with all interested and concerned parties coming together; economists, businesses, labor and environmental scientists and advocacy organizations to name a few. Government Created Money (GCM) by the new Citizen’s Bank of the United States to serve as America’s central bank that I have proposed may be used to support businesses that produce non-polluting, renewable and efficient energy systems and labor friendly jobs as we develop zero-point energy (free energy), clean energy and cold fusion production and products for worldwide sales and distribution. The development of these new “Energy Technology Era” energy sources that will be developed inevitably by one country or another will serve our world’s people and our Earth’s environment while simultaneously securing plentiful 21st century jobs in America and America’s leadership position in our world.

                                                      BENEFITS OF TRADE UNIONS TO SOCIETY

Off-shoring American jobs is NOT in the interests of our    American workers and our American way of life

Free and active labor unions are a key indicator of a healthy democracy and provide some of the best examples of voluntary social organizations effectively challenging OR defending the status quo on behalf of their members. Trade unions are frequently at the forefront of wider struggles for political change, democracy and social justice. In the 1970s, the wider civil society role of labor unions developed on a wide range of issues including human rights, education, environmental issues and matters of equality and corporate accountability among others.

Trade union representatives are eight times more likely than the general population to engage in voluntary work and to give more of their time to community organizations. 19% of labor union representatives undertake other voluntary work in their local communities and 20% of labor union representatives spend around five hours each week on community activities.

Trade union members and representatives are at the heart of civil society and building stronger communities.                                

                                                                         HOW TRADE UNIONS WORK

Employees in the same workplace will inevitably get together from time to time to talk about common problems. The issues most likely to come up are pay and pensions, safety, unfair treatment of a group or individual, or simply the way work is organized. Labor unions provide a structured means for employees to have a voice and to be heard in accordance with their union’s self-determined and democratic procedures.

A labor union is said t be recognized when an employer agrees to negotiate with a union on pay and working conditions on behalf of a particular group of workers. The subsequent negotiation process is known as collective bargaining.

Union recognition arrangements may be established by employers voluntarily agreeing to recognize one or more trade unions. Such voluntary recognition provides maximum flexibility to the parties.

Unions provide for representatives to speak on behalf of their membership at all levels. Representatives are contractually empowered to raise the membership’s concerns with the employer. Where a union has a contractual agreement with the employer, they will have regular formal discussions. This helps to build trust and confidence between employers and to facilitate cooperation, fairness and transparency between the union, employees and employer.

Good employers welcome these arrangements. They understand that it is better for employees t have an organized means by which problems and concerns can be addressed, rather than allowing them to escalate as a result of the inappropriate intervention or inactivity of supervisors or line managers. In this way, union representation serves as a pressure or tension relief valve between employers and employees by preserving fairness and objectivity in employment matters.

Unions encourage their members to take part in democratic and collective decision making on workplace issues which assists the employer in informed decision making.

                                                                                WORKING TOGETHER

Unions contribute to organizational success by working with employers to plan for the future and manage change. Working together means both sides can explore ways of bringing benefits to employees, which improves the enterprise, the community and society. Most dynamic and forward-thinking organizations work routinely wit the unions to keep their workforce informed on crucial issues. 

CURING THE EMPLOYABILITY & PAY- GAP , WOMEN'S RIGHTS &                                      STANDING  STRONG                                                                                                          WITH WOMEN OF COLOR & GLBTQQIA PEOPLE

My candidacy represents removing inequities of women, women of color and GLBTQQIA (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual) people in American society and rolling back all anti-union, anti-worker Right to Work Laws with legislation similar in its’ original intent to the pro-union/pro-labor 1935 National Labor Relations Act; expanded, brought up-to-date and able to address today’s unions’ and laborers’ needs, interests and concerns. I support the women’s Well- Being Index (WWBI), a joint project of the California Budget & Policy Center and the Women’s foundation of California that will provide the first ever comprehensive, composite measure of how women are faring in countries across California. Women face limited access to affordable housing and child care in California that make it hard for low and moderate income women to aching economic security that is especially prevalent for women of color. The index will measure five dimensions of women’s well being Health, Safety, Employment and Earnings, Economic Security and Political Empowerment. Congress has, for the fourth time, failed to pass the national Paycheck Fairness Act that would help close the pay-gap inequity that exists between the wages paid to men compared with the wages paid to women doing the same or similar work. The wage-gap is even worse for women of color. Women’s earning as a percentage of White men’s earnings are 90% of white men’s earnings for Asian American women, 78% for white women, 63% for African American women, 62% for native Hawaiian and other pacific islanders women, 59% for American Indian and Alaskan Native women and 54% for Mexican American, Hispanic and Latina women. Not only are women underpaid based on gender bias that is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, single women and women with children who have student loans and all their other expenses to pay have a much more difficult time paying their loans and expenses resulting from the unfair, inequitable pay women receive compared with men. In addition, women live longer than men, yet receive less in retirement and fringe benefits than men since less money is contributed into women’s income based retirement accounts.

Pay inequity between women and men has not been revisited or addressed in federal legislation that has been signed into law since the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Paycheck Fairness Act is necessary to put teeth into the Equal Pay Act by allowing the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission greater access to employers’ wage statistics and by protecting workers who discuss their salaries from being retaliated against by their employers.

The Paycheck Fairness Act needs to be amended to include protection form discrimination against all classes of people who are at risk of being discriminated against, not just on the basis of sex, inclusive of GLBTQQIA (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual) people. Male to female Transgender Women are the most discriminated against, economically disadvantaged class of citizens in America today and most especially Male to Male to Female Transgender Women of Color provided that they have been able to secure employment and are employed at all. The Paycheck Fairness Act needs also to be amended to prohibit employers from seeking job applicant’s salary history from job applicants or their former employers during the hiring process to create a more unbiased structure for negotiating pay to ensure that applicants are not tied to prior salaries that may have been discriminatory. May companies forbid employees from discussing their salaries with one another making id difficult for employees to come together to attempt to remedy any alleged sex discrimination based on pay gaps.

Employers just do not want to pay any more than they can get away with paying. Intimidation of employees by being able to discipline or fire a worker for violating employers’ rules against discussing salaries is a very good tool for employers to use to not let employees, and especially women know that they are being paid less.

Women more than men do not belong to a labor union whose responsibility is, among other things, to bargain for the equitable salaries and benefits of its’ membership.

THE TIME IS NOW FOR A NATIONAL NON-DISCRIMINATION LAW FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO IDENTIFY AS GLBTQQIA (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Asexual)

It is a requirement in America for transgender people seeking gender reassignment surgery to engage in the “Real Life Test” (RLT) while under psychological evaluation. This means living full- time as a member of the opposite biological sex from the patient’s own sex at birth, typically for a period of one to two years, prior to being able to be professionally recommended for sex reassignment surgery in agreement with the request of the patient.

Today, May 17, 2016 the grass-roots effort, the “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia” begun in 2004 was extended to the United Nations, pursuant thereto, in the UN’s call on our global community to take action to ensure that all people have an equal right to live healthy lives free from violence, persecution, stigma, and discrimination. Although we have made real progress toward equal rights, the notorious “ bathroom bill” in North Carolina, HB-2 is just the latest reminder of how establishment politicians have unfairly targeted GLBTQQIA people for political gain for years.

If our nation takes seriously the principals of freedom and equality for all, then we must act to protect the civil and human rights of our marginalized and oppressed communities. The time is now for a national non-discrimination law that protects all people who identify as GLBTQQIA (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex and/or Asexual). 

Sadly, we are seeing politicians use “religious freedom” as a wedge for bigotry and discrimination. We must resist efforts to allow medical facilities and public businesses to opt out of providing inclusive services to these communities being marginalized by such outrageous legislatives bills as North Carolina’s HB2.

I support health care as a right by way of a single payer universal healthcare, Medicare-for-All system to include the psychological care, hormonal treatment, and surgical needs of gender and sexual minorities. Medication for HIV prevention and HIV/AIDS treatment must be affordable and accessible worldwide, which means allowing generic drugs. Our healthcare system must come to recognize and accept that GLBTQQIA people know best who they want at their bedside and making medical decisions with them.

Today is also a day to remember that GLBTQQIA people and especially GLBTQQIA people of color are more likely to face police violence and harassment; many have difficulty being placed safely in correctional facilities aligned with their gender identity and receiving necessary medical support such as hormone treatments. The raw fact is that our society and our prisons are seriously out of alignment with America’s constitutional principals. To better bring into focus my meaning, please do see Michael Moore’s latest movie, ‘Where To Invade Next” that shows the extent to which our constitutional principals have been taken most seriously, adopted and applied in other developed nations of our world.

As we work to end institutionalized discrimination within our criminal justice system, we must not forget to protect the rights of justice that itself requires reform inclusive of the elimination of prisons-for-profit privatization of our prison system.

I have stood strongly for equality all of my life. Truly, that will never change.

Please join me in building my campaign to end discrimination for the good of America and our constitutional principals so that together we can build an America, and a world, that works for us all.

My election and all that my campa seign stands for in California and for America is in your hands.

                                               ILLEGAL  DRUGS POLICY 

Our American society must cleanse itself. To do that, we must cure ourselves from drug trafficking. The illegal drug trade is degrading to Earth's humanity and a lethal contaminate to our collective existance as a world people as well as to the individual and the evolution of our "Divine" nature. Every American must refrain from tolerating this world's worldwide drug culture of death. In Christ consciouness, there is no room for drug cartels. Police and we who are the taxpayers are all responsible for refraining from ignoring such deadly actitivity which now goes hand in hand with our mostly unwitting cooperation in highjacking innocent people and our youth to Mind Control Slavery. Mind Control slavery is facilitated by the most dispicable, unethical operation in America today, namely, "COIENTELPRO OPERATIONS". Together we must put an end to this drug cartel business in America and stand up for our innocent sisters and brothers around the world through American  leadership in here in America and in the United Nations to put an end to this induced anti-Christ desease infestation once and for all on our planet.

I stand firmly against mentall illness labeling abuse that is experienced by innocent non-consesual citizen victims of Mind Control and COINTELPRO operations. In my experience, our psychiatric medical system is non-functional where Mind Control victims are concerned. With regard to victims of Mind Control, the entire pychiatric profession has been high jacked by this Mind Control Slavery and these connected COINTELPRO operations. The most unbelivable intentional acts of horror are committed against victims for the purpose of intentionally inducing pseudo mental illness in otherwise healthy citizens through Mind Control and COINTELPRO operations. This electromagnetic neurological, behavior and cognitive Mind Control (Remoto Neural Monitoring) combined with COINTELPRO operations make for a very profitable mental health industry, and it's not only happening here in America. America has exported these human destruction programs to other nations, and these Mind Control programs and operations have been turned  into a trillion dollar industry, realized  when all the costs, direct and indirect are added up and accounted for. There are victims hospitalized in psychiatric institutions who don't get out alive. There are non-consensual Mind control victims in our prisons. Mind Control victim suicides go unreported for what they are, namely, suicide resulting from Mind Control victimization. Instead, victims of this Mind Control Slavery will be reported as having committed suicide because of paranoia, or that the victim suffered from paranoid schizophenia, or that the victim was manic-depressive, or that the victim suffered from delusions, or a combination of these false psychological/psychiatric diagnoses and more.       

Sadly, it doesn't stop there. People with true mental illness are abused. Mental patients are at risk,  subject to violence and rape. The evil intent behind the perpetration of these crimes against hospitaized mental health patients being that no one will believe a mental patient. I have witnessed and heard everything I have presented to you from other victims and, too, I have exerienced most of this myself except that I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness. That is because I learned not to go to the authorities or to mental health professionals with my telling of events that were  happening to me and of how I had been hijacked from  my happy, healthy life and unwittingly, non-consensually forced into this silent Mind Control operation as a victim, a true holocaust on-going and expanding worldwide. Due to my activism to expose all this, to bring it to the light of public awareness, I have been forced, painfully to walk this dark anti-Christ path to learn its' breath and depth. Now I have told you. Now you know what I have painfully learned. Together let us put and end to all of this with your vote, Massie Munroe for United States Senator for California.  

Conclusion:  Truth has no agenda

The time to reevaluate our hearts and priorities, the time to ask why truly we are here and what our role is, indivitually and collectively as Americans on this planet, has arrived. Before us is the emergance of our material life in relationship with our soul's evolution entering fully and completely into the new Energy Technology Era that is before us. We must be mindful that without our Constitution, inspired by the Divine will and Christ Consciouness, we are lost. We cannot depend on our own ego and our own human mind alone. Had I relied upon myself alone, I would certainly never have made it this far to bring all this to you through my candidacy for Senator in the United States Senate, a position in which I am able to be empowered to take positive action. Our consitution, the one and only contract of rights we have with our government, talks about human dignity and about equality and divine justice. I call it inspired by Christ consciouness because, of all the  thousands of books and legal codes I have read, there is only this Constitution of the United States that embraces our material and soul aspects and evolution.

We must also keep a very distinct focus on another aspect of our country and our world, namely, the  US/UN under our present financial system ruled by our world's international banker elite. This has to end. We can not possibly continue to go on this way. It is crucial that we change our banking system. It is crucial that our CIA, FBI, our military and police be obdient to our Constitution and Bill of Rights that is contained therein in peace and in the service of Truth serving All. Without abolishing Mind Control Slavery and associated, coordinated COINTELPRO operations and putting an end to drug cartels, without these first steps being a focused part of our understanding, without our obedience to our divinely inspired contitution, we cannot possibly move forward. Humanity and our plannet is exactly at that point of evolution.

Last point: We must know we are directly responsible for the chaos we are facing. Just as we hold our government responsible, we too are responsible. We can not ignore our own role in creating our America.  Electing our President and other public official does not end our responsibility. What can one person do if all are busy promoting their own selfish agendas? We must see that our government By the people, For the people requires our immediate attention and our direct work taken as a responsibility. We cannot expect a government of truth and honesty while we ourselves are currupt and selfish amongst ourselves.  We cannot lie and give false testamony to get promotions, more power and wealth at the price of betraying our Constitution and Bill of rights. For the sake of our consciences and our spiritual evolution, we must reflect on ourselves and refrain from selfishness and greed and learn instead to care for and love one another. We have become individually corrupt  by giving in to courrption.  We do not see other than ourselves and nothing but our temporary material gain. Mind Control Slavery and combined COINTELPRO operations is successful in broken communities. These operations drive individuals into isolation that have led to their literal murder without investigation as to the real cause and identifying the actual perpetrator(s), or that have forced indivduals to suicide by their own hand. Beacuse we have become so selfish, so self absorbed and disconnected from our own society, we have not yet been able to grasp, or to even find a hand-hold for the understanding that we are ONE, that all of us together on this Earth are one.  We must understand that we are privilaged and demand a dignified constitutional government that we support and work shoulder to shoulder with mindfully. Our goal must be a perfect society in America that commands leadership respect everywhere in and around our world. We all have the means within us to live up to what I claim. We don't have to live this way. Vote for me and we won't.

           Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.  

                                                                                                                                          ~ President John F. Kenned

Please Vote for me to serve you as your United States Senator and Vote for our Beloved Senator Bernie Sanders for our United States President and his ideas and positions based in Truth and Justice for We the people. My propositions that I have put forward to you are compatible with Senator Bernie Sanders' view points. Senator Bernie Sanders wants to further build on our US Constitution for a Healthy Fair Market with elements and principles of Scandinavian countries, which countries have actually been built upon principles in our US Constitution to provide such things as free education and free health care for the people, job security for life for the people and no unusual punishment and tortures including no death penalty, etc. We are the most privileged nation in the world with our Constitution which is inspired by Cosmo-Ethics under the vital fundamental that We the people are vested with the power, with the Right to Vote. We can Transform California, Transform America, Inspire and Transform the World. This is within our reach. I also would scrutinize the pledge for “Oath of Office” and what that truly stands for. We must ensure that the “Oath of Office” stands for Truth, Justice and true Service for the people from the heart. My message is that we must Transition and Transform our policies, technologies and goals for a more prosperous and peace-loving America.

Last word: 

We must stand up for one of the most diginifed, humanterian Presidental candidates America has ever had the honor to vote for, Senator Bernie Sanders 2016. With him the hope of a glorious America and world is possible. We the people with Senator Bernie Sanders as leader of our constitutional democratic republic have a lot of work ahead of us. We must get to work together in harmony and coopration. To these ends, Senator Bernie Sanders is fully the presidential candidate to meet the challenges of the tremendous opportunites and work that is ahead. 

Sincerest, Kind & Warm Regards,
Massie Munroe, B.S., M.S., P.E.,

I am truly honored to be a senate candidate on your behalf, 2016.

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