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Every aspect of our planet is hurting.  The reason our systems are failing is that they were designed in and for the “Industrial Technology” age that has ended. The new “Energy Technology” era is now before us.

By contributing to and working for my political campaign, together we will begin by restoring, strengthening and updating the Constitution of the United States, and we will extend our constitutions’ rights and guaranties to the global governing body of the United Nations to serve as the governing contract between all governments and all people of our world. Together, in recognition of the progression of the new “Energy Technology” era in our world, we will transform our political, economic, educational, social, legal, penal and military systems away from the oppressive tyranny of multinational corporate leaders and international bankers who actively seek unelected supranational political and judicial powers through trade agreements to systems that support international peace, economic, social and environmental justice. Our political work together will be to establish an American Citizen’s Bank of the United States subject to regular recurring audits and charged with creating Government Created Money (GCM), the largest portion of which to be used to pay down the debt of the Untied States owed to the United States Federal Reserve and another significant portion of which to be used to reverse environmental collapse and the alleviation of the suffering of many of our worlds peoples for economic and social justice and world peace.  

By contributing and working together for my political campaign, we affirm ourselves in the knowledge that we truly are all ONE.

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